Final backgrounds:

Kicking the Lamp - Award

The ‘Kicking the lamp’ award. Was the internal employee recognition trophy. Designed to be given to employees who perform exceptionally and exhibit all aspect of the company DNA and values. To launch the revised version of the award, a new trailer was made.

I was part of the design team tasked with brining this trailer to life. Primarily tasked with background work. My responsibilities were taking the original storyboard and expanding on the key shots with more detailed sketches. Taking the sketches to final, production ready artwork within a tight timeframe.

Around 30 backgrounds were created for the final piece, liaising with the art director and story board artist to capture the right tone for each scene. As well as the animators and compositors, to ensure files were delivered to spec

Gamesys LTD

Final Trailer Screenshots:

All Artwork Copyrighted Assim Heetun


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